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Latest CoMs from Congatec Run 13th Gen Intel Core Processors

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

The latest Computer on Modules (CoMs) from Congatec run 13th Gen Intel Core processors. The COM HPC and COM Express Computer on Modules are based on 13th-generation Intel Core Processors in BGA assembly.

The CoMs have Thunderbolt and PCIe up to Gen5 and bare based on the latest COM-HPC standard. This offers developers more options in different data throughputs, I/O bandwidth as well as performance density.

The modules are COM Express 3 compliant and primarily help to secure investments in existing OEM designs. This includes upgrade options for even more data throughput with the addition of PCIe Gen4 support.

The company expects to ramp up quickly and with a huge wave of purchases, as the processors with long-life availability offer vastly improved features and are yet, hardware compatible with previous products, increasing ease of use and simple integrations.

Both the COM-HPC and COM Express Computer on Modules provide up to 5% multithread and 8% single thread performance increases from the 13th Gen Intel Core processors compared with the 12th Gen Intel Core processors.

There is greater power efficiency due to enhanced manufacturing techniques and go along with performance gains. These are distinctive increases and are meant to lift the CoMs to new performance levels. The new performance class of 15-45 W Base Power also includes DDR5 memory support, PCIe Gen5 connectivity on some SKUs.

The DDR5 and PCIe Gen 5 both contribute to increases in performance in multithread scenarios as well as during data throughput. The CoMs have up to 80 EU and ultra-fast decode and encode capabilities. There is an integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics architecture which is perfectly suited to enhanced graphics demands. These demands can be in video streaming and video data-based situational awareness applications, such as facial recognition.
“The numerous improvements of the 13th Gen Intel Core processors help to make these new generations of Computer-on-Modules really outstanding. They give the industry the opportunity to instantly upgrade already existing high-end embedded and edge computing solutions, which is what makes this new launch so extraordinarily significant for all our OEM customers and Value Adding Reseller partners,” explains Jürgen Jungbauer, Senior Product Line Manager at Congatec.

All of the features of the COM-HPC and COM Express Computer on Modules have a wide range of application uses, such as industrial, artificial intelligence (AI), medical, and Machine Learning (ML). There are also all the embedded and edge computing workload consolidations.

For more information on the 13th Gen Intel Core CoMs see the product page here.

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Latest CoMs from Congatec Run 13th Gen Intel Core Processors

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min