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Ideallion Taking Pre-Orders for Portable Electronics Lab

Tired for sharing a crowded electronics lab? Now you can take your electronics lab wherever you go with Ideallion’s Portable Electronics Lab (PEEL), which is a complete, battery-operated lab packed with handy instruments such as a power supply, function generator, and oscilloscope.peel-spread-3000x1800_300dpi

Ideallion launched its pre-order campaign on October 11, 2015. “We have designed the PEEL system to advance the art and the science of electronics engineering. We believe this will unleash torrents of new experiment and achievement throughout the community, from the newest student to the most experienced engineer,” PEEL inventor Bob Faust noted in a statement.

PEEL specifications:

  • A multimeter that features auto-ranging and auto-power off, as well as measuring DC/AC voltage (100 µV to 600 V), DC/AC current (0.1 µA to 10 A), resistance (0.1 Ohm to 40 MOhm), capacitance (0.1 nF to 200 µF), frequency (10 Hz to 10 MHz), and duty cycle (0.1% to 99.9%). It also measures temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • A hand-held oscilloscope that features two analog channels and and two 0-5 V digital channels. The analog channels sample simultaneously at 36 Msamples/sec per channel. The bandwidth is good at 4 MHz, slightly less at 5 MHz, but still usable at 10 MHz. The digital channels resolve 50 ns on signals as low as 3 V with 1:1 probe. Sampling permits capture and hold of rare events.
  • Power supplies use lithium-ion batteries, with a 2,200-mAh capacity. All outputs are short-circuit protected, as is the charger.
  • A function generator gives you the waveform you need, when you need it.
    • 2x 1 Hz to 5 MHz sine, +/- square
    • Frequency sweep 20 Hz to 1 MHz in eight ranges
  • A speaker with built-in driver
  • 25-key programmable keypad
  • 4 × 20 text display
  • Connection Port for accessing all of the power outputs and function generator waveforms
  • The PaperChip documentation system aimed at solderless breadboard circuit design, building, and testing
  • XTenTips multimeter probe tips
  • Hand tools: needle nose pliers, diagonal cutters, tweezers, screwdrivers, wire strippers (30 – 20 ga), and an adjustable temperature soldering iron
  • Components: resistors, capacitors, transistors, regulators, op-amps, digital logic, and assorted solder-less breadboard plug wires
  • BreadCubes: a flexible solution to create solderless breadboards that will accommodate any design, any configuration. Just snap them together and plug in your components and wiring.

You can pre-order now at:

Source: Ideallion

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Ideallion Taking Pre-Orders for Portable Electronics Lab

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