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OnLogic is Offering the Helix 511 Edge Computer for IoT At The Edge

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

OnLogic is offering the Helix 511 Edge Computer for IoT at the edge. OnLogic has launched the Helix 511 Edge computer with up to four serial ports, in a small, fully solid state, fanless form factor, engineered for tough industrial environments.

The Helix 511 Edge is designed for rugged uses, running a range of Intel 12th Generation processors, from Celeron up through Core i7. It can handle up to 64GB of DDR5 memory, which expands bandwidth and reduces latency, all while consuming less power than DDR4 memory.

The launch of the Helix 511 Edge Computer is meant to bridge the gap between modern systems and legacy technology. The computer is meant to be used in manufacturing, energy management, automation, and other edge and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

“We frequently have conversations with customers who are struggling to update their technology infrastructure simply because they can’t connect existing systems to newer, more powerful, and more capable devices,” says OnLogic Product Manager, Hunter Golden. “The embedded computing space has traditionally lagged behind when it comes to adopting new technologies. We want to shift that paradigm while still allowing innovators to access and exchange data with their existing equipment. In many cases, you don’t need to rip and replace everything, you just need a Helix 511.”

The Helix 511 is also supported by a pair of Thunderbird 4-certified ports that provide high-bandwidth connectivity to devices or displays. The Thunderbird ports are accompanied by four serial port connections enabling communication with legacy devices.

To provide onboard programmable signaling and control the Helix 511 comes equipped with digital input/out (DIO). The system can also be configured with an integrated cellular modem, pre-certified to work with most of the world’s cellular networks.

The Helix 511 Edge Computer can reliably operate in temperatures from 0℃ to 50℃ and can accept power ranging from 12 to 24V and is mountable on walls, DIN rail, or VESA surfaces.

To find out more about the OnLogic Helix 511 Edge Computer visit the product page here.

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OnLogic is Offering the Helix 511 Edge Computer for IoT At The Ed…

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