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Inside this month’s issue of Circuit Cellar magazine:

Issue #409
August 2024
Specialized Drones
4: RFID Attendance Tracker:  Employee Clocking System Arduino Project, By Adrian Florian
14: Hit Me Up On TCP : Part 2 — Using TCP/IP for Transferring Data, MQTT is Lightweight and Simple-to-Use, By Pedro Bertoleti
20: Review of the Siglent SDS812X HD: 12-bit Digital Storage Oscilloscope, By Brian Millier
28: No Blues with Bluetooth!  Part 4: Bidirectional Communication Between Peripherals and Central Devices, By Robert Lacoste
34: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE Tech Overview: Specialized Drones, By Michael Lynes
40: DATASHEET SBCs On the Edge of AI: To Reduce Latency, Single-Board Computers Take Inferencing Closer to the Source, By Tom Murphy
44: FROM THE BENCH Ping along with LAN Ethernet: RU Wired?, By Jeff Bachiochi 
50: THE MAGIC SMOKE FACTORY Get More I/O Now! Going Beyond Your MCU’s Pin Count, By Joseph Corleto
54: START TO FINISH Getting Directions:    Proceed to Your Destination Without Having to Ask Someone, By Stuart Ball
63: TECH THE FUTURE The Future of Deterministic Execution Mitigate Timing and Interference Issues on Multicore Processors, By Steve DiCamillo

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