Inside This Issue: December #353

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Inside this month’s issue of Circuit Cellar magazine:

Issue #353
December 2019
AI in Embedded Systems
6: Build a 4-DOF Robotic Arm (Part 1): Using MATLAB and Arduino, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico
14: Build a Simple Quadcopter Drone: Using a PIC32 MCU, By Yijia Chen, Stewart Aslan and Thinesiya Krishnathasan
22: Create Your Own I-V Curve Tracer: A $50 Design, By George R. Steber
32: Helping Cars Think for Themselves: AI and Neural Networks, By Bryce Johnstone
37: Modular Solutions Enable AI in Embedded Systems: Boards, Boxes and SoCs, By Jeff Child
44: Test and Measurement Solutions Push the Envelope: Speed and Functionality Advances, By Jeff Child
48: PRODUCT FOCUS: DC-DC Converters: Compact Efficiency, By Jeff Child
52: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: LoRa (Part 2): The Things Network, By Bob Japenga
56: THE DARKER SIDE: Near-Field Magnetic Probes: Low-Cost EMI Detection, By Robert Lacoste
62: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Semiconductor Fundamentals (Part 4): Amplifiers and FETs, By George Novacek
66: FROM THE BENCH: Controlled Circuit Breaking: Home Electricity Evolution, By Jeff Bachiochi
74: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of Airborne Security: Drones, Aircraft and Cyber Attacks—What Can Go Wrong?, By Alan Grau

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