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Inside this month’s issue of Circuit Cellar magazine:

Issue #377
December 2021
Embedded Security Technologies
6: Sports Wearable Uses ANT+ Protocol: The tempANT+ Project, By Carlo Tauraso
15: Build a Robotic Arm with Linear Actuators: Threaded-Rod Approach, By Alexandru Dumitrache
22: A Review: Nora Flight Controller and XunWing X4 Quadcopter: Drone Deep Dive, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico
32: Build an Autonomous Mapping Rover: The NanoBot Project, By Dhairya Parikh
42: MCU Vendors Lock In New Security Solutions: Device Defense In-Depth, By Jeff Child
49: Test and Measurement Tools Push Performance Barriers: Speedy Solutions, By Jeff Child
54: DATASHEET: Tiny Embedded Boards: Petite but Powerful, By Jeff Child
58: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: FreeRTOS (Part 7): FreeRTOS, TCP and the Internet, By Bob Japenga
63: THE DARKER SIDE: Playing with I-V Curves: Plot-Powered Insights, By Robert Lacoste
68: FROM THE BENCH: Refrigerator Repair Project: Using Espressif’s ESP32 MCU, By Jeff Bachiochi
75: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of Full Lifecycle Security: DevSecOps and Full Lifecycle Security, By Arlen Baker

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