Inside This Issue: September #350

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Inside this month’s issue of Circuit Cellar magazine:

Issue #350
September 2019
IoT Security Solutions
6: Building a Portable Game Console: Accelerometer Enhanced, By Juan Joel Albrecht and Leandro Dorta Duque
12: Using Small PCs in New Ways: Innovative Interfacing, By Wolfgang Matthes
22: Guitar Game Uses PIC32 MCU: Shred Master, By Brian Dempsey, Katarina Martucci and Liam Patterson
28: Comparing Color Sensor ICs: With an Eye on Applications, By Kevin Jensen
34: Industrial Embedded Computing Technology for Smart Robots: Modules for Cooperative Robotics, By Zeljko Loncaric and Prof. Dr. Christian Schlegel
38: MCUs Suit Up for IoT Security Duties: Connected Confidence, By Jeff Child
44 Mini-ITX and Pico-ITX SBCs Pack in Performance: Single-Board Sensations, By Jeff Child
50: PRODUCT FOCUS: IoT Gateways: Linking the Edge and Cloud, By Jeff Child
54: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Variable Frequency Drive (Part 2): Bandsaw Upgrade, By Brian Millier
62: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Electromagnetic Fault Injection: A Closer Look, By Colin O’Flynn
67: FROM THE BENCH: Offloading Intelligence: A Robotics Example, By Jeff Bachiochi
72: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Semiconductor Fundamentals (Part 1): Resistivity and Doping,  By George Novacek
76 : Product News
78 : Test Your EQ
79: The Future of Critical 5G Networks: The Promise of 5G for First Responders, By Ken Bednasz