Inside This Issue: February #343

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Inside this month’s issue of Circuit Cellar magazine:

Issue #343
February 2019
Automotive Infotainment
6: Build a Self-Correcting LED Clock: MCU-Driven Art, By Eldar Slobodyan and Jason Ben Nathan
14: Inductive Sensing with PSoC MCUs: Tougher Touch Tech, By Nishant Mittal
22: Building a Generator Control System: Three-Phase Power, By Kent Altobelli and Caleb Stewart
36 Thermal Management in Machine Learning: Beat the Heat, By Tom Gregory
40: MCUs Serve Up Solutions for Car Infotainment: Dashboard Dazzle, By Jeff Child
46: SWaP Needs Drive Non-Standard SBC Demand: All-In-One Solutions, By Jeff Child
50: PRODUCT FOCUS ADCs and DACs: Resolution and Speed, By Jeff Child
54: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Bluetooth Mesh (Part 1): Alternatives Compared, By Bob Japenga
58: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Infrared Sensors: Heat Lights the Way, By George Novacek
62: THE DARKER SIDE: The Art of Voltage Probing: Scope Savvy, By Robert Lacoste
69: FROM THE BENCH: Tinkering with Time: Protocols and Programming, By Jeff Bachiochi
76: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Intelligent Edge: Is AI Ready to Play a Role?, By Scott Nelson