Editorial Calendar

The Circuit Cellar 2024 editorial calendar was developed to ensure that we cover all the most critical embedded technology topics important to today’s engineering professionals.

Each month features several articles using established technologies and trending/developing products covering a variety of topics along with theme-based articles in two sections:

Tech Feature —  This section shines a light on the emerging trends and technologies most critical to developing microcontroller- and embedded processor-based systems and design topics that are driving today’s embedded electronics industry.

Datasheet — This product roundup style section focuses on the representative products within one major category each month. If you’re a vendor of products in our Datasheet topics, email the information to editor@circuitcellar.com. The deadline for product submission is the 15th of the month two months prior to the issue month (for example, Sept 15, for the November issue of Circuit Cellar). The online version of this section includes links to the datasheet of each product listed in the roundup.

Check out the 2024 Editorial Calendar below. If you’re a technology vendor and want to make sure you’re included in the section topics relevant to you, please reach out to us. For more information about publishing an article in Circuit Cellar, contact us at editor@circuitcellar.com
or visit our Article Submissions page.

For advertising, contact Hugh Heinsohn  Hugh@circuitcellar.com
and visit our Media Kit page.

2024 Editorial Calendar

Tech Feature Datasheet
Jan #402
Home Security Low Power MCUs
Article Submissions Due:11/15/2023
Feb #403
RTOS Modular System Boards
Article Submissions Due: 11/30/2023
Mar #404
Robotics in Manufacturing DSP & DSC
Article Submissions Due: 12/5/2023
Apr #405
Cyber Security 32-bit ARM Microcontrollers
Article Submissions Due: 1/2/2024
May #406
Fitness & Health Aids IoT boards/modules
Article Submissions Due: 2/1/2024
June #407
AI & ML in System Design AC-DC Power Supplies
Article Submissions Due: 3/1/2024
July #408
Embedded Linux OS’s Industrial Controllers
Article Submissions Due: 4/1/2024
Aug #409
Specialized Drones Single Board Computers
Article Submissions Due: 5/1/2024
Sep #410
Manufacturing IOT Trends MCUs with Security
Article Submissions Due: 6/1/2024
Oct #411
Medical Equipment Advancements MEMs Sensors
Article Submissions Due: 7/1/2024
Nov #412
Embedded Systems Role in Entertainment DC-DC Converters
Article Submissions Due: 8/1/2024
Dec #413
Power-harvesting for low-power IoT Applications Tiny Embedded Boards
Article Submissions Due: 9/1/2024
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