About Circuit Cellar Magazine

Circuit Cellar is the premier media resource for professional engineers, academic technologists and other electronics technology decision makers worldwide involved in the design and development of embedded processor- and microcontroller-based systems across a broad range of applications. Produced monthly (print and digital), Circuit Cellar provides critical information on embedded, electronics technology and does so at level of depth and detail tailored specifically for our readers. Our mission is tackle the key what, why and how issues of technology to help readers make smart choices with their engineering projects—all the way from prototype to production. View a sample issue here.

For 2018, Circuit Cellar’s editorial calendar has been expanded to ensure we cover all the most critical embedded technology topics important to today’s engineering professional.

Each month features calendar topics in these three sections:

Special Feature —  As its name implies, this section zeros in on the major application and design topics that are driving today’s embedded electronics industry.

Technology Spotlight — This section shines a light on the emerging trends and technologies most critical to developing microcontroller- and embedded processor-based systems.

Product Focus — This product roundup style section focuses in on the representative products within one major category each month.

Check out the 2018 Editorial Calendar.

Powering Commercial Drones
Electronics for Driverless Vehicles
IoT: From Device to Gateway
IoT: From Gateway to Cloud Graphics, Video and Displays
Video and Communication in Commercial Drones
PCB Design and Verification Sensors and Measurement
Wireless Standards and Solutions for IoT
Motion Control for Robotics
Hardware-Based Security Solutions
3-D Printing for Embedded Design
Embedded Supercomputing Industrial IoT Devices