WIZnet Connect the Magic 2014 Design Challenge – Winners

Winners Announcement 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing everything from consumer electronics to healthcare-related technology. It’s transforming how humans interact with electronic systems and the Internet, as well as advancing the ways machines connect with other machines. The leaders driving progress in the IoT field are inventive engineers and creative electronics enthusiasts who are passionate about embedded systems, the Internet, and problem solving. They are using low-power microcontrollers and “smart” sensors to change the world.

Back in March 2014, WIZnet launched the Connect the Magic 2014 Design Challenge and called on engineers around the globe to join the IoT revolution. The challenge was to incorporate at least one WIZnet WIZ550io Ethernet module or W5500 chip in inventive ’Net-connected systems for a chance win prizes and gain international recognition. The project submission deadline was August 3, 2014.

After reviewing all the entries and scoring them on their technical merit, originality, usefulness, cost-effectiveness, and design optimization, the judges’ results are now final. Congratulations to all winners!

WZ1256_PortnerFirst Prize

Chimaera: The Poly-Magneto-Phonic Theremin

Hans Peter Portner (Switzerland)

WZ1239_MeekSecond Prize

LCDTV Server: Streaming Media Using Ethernet/USB Adapter

Lindsay Meek (Australia)

WIZ1326_ChiculitaThird Prize

WIZ Security Network

Claudiu Chiculita (Romania)

WZ1266_PenroseHonorable Mention


David Penrose (United States)

WZ1175_BomanHonorable Mention

Automatic Animal Feeder

Dean Boman (United States)

WZ1243_GasiorowskiHonorable Mention

WIZpix: Internet-Connected Pixel Controller

Robert Gasiorowski (United States) 

WZ1295_BankrasHonorable Mention

The Instrument of Things

Radko Bankras (The Netherlands)

WZ1307_GumbrellHonorable Mention

Radio Telescope Controller

Clayton Gumbrell (Australia)

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