WIZnet 2014 Connect the Magic Design Challenge – Eligible Parts


Your Entry to the WIZnet Connect the Magic 2014 Design Challenge must use at least one WIZnet WIZ550io or W5500 chip. Visit WIZnet’s product page for more information about the WIZ550io.


The WIZ550io is an auto-configurable Ethernet controller module that includes the W5500 (TCP/IP-hard-wired chip and PHY embedded), transformer, and an RJ-45 connector. The module has a unique, embedded real MAC address and auto network configuration capability.

WIZnet's WIZnet550io auto configurable Ethernet controller module includes a W5500, transformer, and RJ-45.

WIZnet’s WIZnet550io auto configurable Ethernet controller module

When powered on, the WIZ550io initializes itself with the MAC and default IP address and can be pinged from your computer. Thus, you don’t need to write MAC and network information such as an IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address.

W5500 Chip

The W5500 chip is a Hardwired TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller that enables Internet connection for embedded systems using Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).Wiznet-w5500


  • Supports hardwired TCP/IP Protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, PPPoE
  • Supports eight independent sockets simultaneously
  • Supports Power down mode
  • Supports Wake on LAN over UDP
  • Supports High Speed Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI MODE 0, 3)
  • Internal 32-KB Memory for Tx/Rx Buffers
  • 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet PHY embedded
  • Supports Auto Negotiation (Full and half duplex, 10 and 100-based)
  • Does not support IP Fragmentation
  • 3.3-V operation with 5-V I/O signal tolerance
  • LED outputs (Full/Half duplex, Link, Speed, Active)
  • 48-Pin LQFP Lead-Free Package (7 × 7-mm, 0.5-mm pitch)