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Distinctive Excellence

The Circuit Cellar team felt strongly that there were considerably more first-rate projects entered in WIZnet Connect the Magic 2014 Design Challenge than could be satisfied with the available prizes. Thus, we designated a special category called “Distinctive Excellence” for some of the more interesting projects. The Distinctive Excellence projects are posted below.

WZ1198WZ1198 Picture 6 Initial tests

Atmospheric Particulate Matter Information Monitor

Jorge Alejandro Butron Guillen

The Particulate Matter Monitor retrieves particulate matter (PM) information from the Internet and displays it on an LED matrix. When the PM concentration in the air rise above accepted levels, the system presents the values in red. Otherwise, the data is presented in green.


Five-Function, Network-Connected Signal Analyzer

Neal Martini

This five-function network-connected test tool would be an excellent addition to you workbench. The system includes a digital oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, signal generator, noise generator, and filter response viewer.



Low-Cost PTZ IP Camera Solution

Manuel Iglesias

The purpose of this project was to build a framework for low-cost M2M IP camera solutions. It enables software developers to easily create new M2M applications.



Simple (IoT) WeatherData Acquisition Module

Grzegorz Kaczmarek

You can use this module to collect weather data and publish it into the cloud (exosite.com). The handy system gathers temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure data.




Mamad Asgari

The EyeProtector is intended to help PC users suffering from eye strain due to long monitor exposure times. The system keeps track of time spent in front of a digital screen and offers advice to reduce strain.



Dryer Monitor

Richard Albertson

The Dryer Monitor uses a WIZnet WIZ550io Ethernet Module to Internet-enable an Arduino board that’s used to track an electric dryer’s power consumption. The system provides yo with real-time updates.



Home Energy Monitor

Jim Abraham

The Home Energy Monitor measures a home’s real-time AC voltage and AC currents. It tracks kilowatts and kilowatt-hours (KWH) along with electricity costs. The information is calculated and displayed on the Exosite Portal website.


WZ1327 - Iot GatewayWZ1327

IoT Gateway

Dick Chris

The IoT Gateway is a cost-effective hub for a variety of input sensors and outputs. It enables you to control off-the-shelf IoT devices via a web browser.




Luke Hovington

The Netrol is an affordable alternative to commercial access control systems. It provides people with access to an entire building or specific areas without much effort.



Heating Thermostat Distant Control Interface

Sergiu Carpov

The purpose of this project was to create a remote web interface for a home heating system. Through the web interface, you an switch a thermostat on and off and control the temperature.


device workingWZ1168

ALFRED (Automatic Linker for Remote Electrical Devices)

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

The ALFRED system enables you to remotely control several electronic devices in your home. With this system, you can control everything from kitchen appliances to indoor lamps to outdoor lighting.



Remote AVR Updater

Chuck Baird

Updating firmware in embedded devices already distributed to customers is a difficult endeavor. The purpose of this project was to create a way to field-update embedded firmware via the internet.


Tick Talk

Enrico Carrara

TickTalk is an Internet-enabled talking clock that uses Google Translate’s Text-to-Speech web service. It takes time information from the Internet via the Network Time Protocol (NTP), transforms it to MP3 format, and  plays it in audible form.



Weather/Emergency Alarm and Display Station

Stephen Hort

This Internet-connected weather station provides need-to-know the local weather reports. It can also monitor in-home systems, such as the dehumidifier water levels. A master server weather station communicates wirelessly with up to 16 remote/client sensor stations.

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