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Zigbee Certification Transfer Effort Looks to Boost IoT Growth

The Zigbee Alliance has announced a new Certification Program that creates new business opportunities for members, and makes it easy for new entrants to join the growing ecosystem of Certified Products that work with major consumer and commercial IoT platforms. The new program is now open, and permits members — and for the first time, non-members — to quickly adopt, sell, and market Certified Products under their own brand while maintaining those products’ Certified status.

For new entrants to the IoT, or companies looking to fill a gap in their portfolio, this program offers an easy, fast, and affordable avenue to implement Certified Products from Alliance Participant and Promoter member companies, and then market those products under their own brand. Approved products can then carry the Zigbee Certified logo, leveraging the brand recognition and interoperability mark of Zigbee and allowing companies to create products that work with the leading consumer and commercial IoT and smart home platforms, or even create their own from the diverse portfolio of Zigbee Certified Products.

For Zigbee Alliance Participant and Promoter members, this program opens new markets and sales channels by enabling them to offer Certified Products to customers for re-branding and non-functional modification while maintaining those products’ Certified status. Adopter-level members of the Zigbee Alliance are also eligible to receive unlimited Certification Transfers on products from Participant or Promoter companies, and market those products using their own brand.

Industry analysts project Zigbee technology will ship in 3.8 billion (85%) of the 4.5 billion 802.15.4 units predicted to hit the market in 2023. As consumers embrace the smart home, and leading ecosystem providers – such as Amazon, Comcast, Huawei, IKEA, Legrand, Schneider Electric, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), Somfy, and Samsung SmartThings – continue to create products based on the Zigbee Alliance’s wireless standards, IoT product developers are eager to participate in and build on the network of thousands of Zigbee Alliance Certified products already making meaningful connections between humans and the objects in their environment.

How the Program Works

Participant or Promoter members are now populating the online Certification Transfer Tool with products available for a Certification Transfer. To receive a Certification Transfer, you must be either a Zigbee Alliance Member (in good standing), or be a new company who has never been an Alliance member.

To participate in the program, products for certification transfer must:

  • Be previously Certified by the Zigbee Alliance (Zigbee 3.0, Zigbee Smart Energy, and Green Power devices)
  • Be Certified as an “end product”
  • Be enrolled by a Participant or Promoter Company for certification transfer in the member certification web tool

The new Certification Transfer Program is open now. To share more about the program, the Zigbee Alliance will be holding a public webinar on August 22, 2018 at 7 am to go over the details of the process and the benefits to those who take part in the program. Register here.

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Zigbee Certification Transfer Effort Looks to Boost IoT Growth

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