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Wi-Fi Espresso Machine Uses ESP32 MCU

Londinium, a lever espresso machine producer, and Fracino, a UK manufacturer of cappuccino and espresso machines, selected the ESP32 SoC from Espressif Systems for their Wi-Fi-connected expresso machine design. The companies were looking to create a lever espresso machine that could create ultra-light nordic style espresso roasts, while still delivering on a traditional Italian blend and everything in between. They wanted to give customers granular control over machine settings via a beautiful and easy to use mobile app, while minimizing development costs and time to market.

Fracino used the Blynk IoT platform to build a beautiful, user-friendly app, powered by Espressif’s flagship SoC, ESP32. The resulting app connects espresso machines to the Internet and allows users to change various machine settings in order to experiment with taste.

All software components, like connecting a machine to home wi-fi network, registering users, scheduling were available out-of-the box, company was able to quickly create end-customer ready application and focus more on what they do best: build best espresso machines.

For scheduling the remote machine start, Fracino used a built-in automation module provided by Blynk. This module allows cloud-based or stored-on-machine scheduling which operates even when there is no Internet available. This scheduling can even be tied to a specific time at the customer’s location.

Additionally, Londinium gets extensive data insights on the usage of their machines, which was previously impossible. This will enable product enhancements in the future. Firmware over-the-air updates are also provided by Blynk and any improvements can be deployed to devices and apps in no time.

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Wi-Fi Espresso Machine Uses ESP32 MCU

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