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Ultra-Low Power Buck Regulator Extends Battery Life

Analog Devices recently launched an ultralow power buck regulator that extends battery life in portable devices by achieving high ultra-light-load power conversion efficiency. With a 90% efficiency rating and consuming only 180-nA quiescent current, the ADP5301 buck regulator provides maximum power for a longer period of time than previously achievable. The regulator’s tiny WLCSP package measures less than 3.1-mm², which makes it suitable for small form factors.

A great solution for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the ADP5301 has several key features:

  • 90% power conversion efficiency in ultralight load with 180-nA quiescent current boosts battery life
  • 6.5- to 2.05-V input voltage range enables several battery sources or architectures
  • Selectable, low-noise forced PWM mode with low output voltage ripple powers noise-sensitive analog load up to 500-mA output current capability
  • Integrated voltage supervisory function increases overall system reliability

Source: Analog Devices

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Ultra-Low Power Buck Regulator Extends Battery Life

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