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Ultra-Energy Efficient Edge AI Processor Ships

Eta Compute has announced the first shipment of
production silicon for its ECM3532. The company claims it as the world’s first
AI multicore processor for embedded sensor applications. This multicore device
features the company’s patented Continuous Voltage Frequency Scaling (CVFS) and
delivers power consumption of microwatts for many sensing applications.

The ECM3532 is a Neural Sensor Processor (NSP) for
always-on image and sensor applications. ECM3532 family brings AI to edge
devices and transforms sensor data into actionable information for voice,
activity, gesture, sound, image, temperature, pressure and bio-metrics
applications, among others, according to Eta Compute. The platform is designed
to solve issues for the most important issues in edge computing: lower response
time, increased security and higher accuracy.

The ECM3532 AI platform includes a multicore processor,
that includes flash memory, SRAM, I/O, peripherals and a machine learning
software development platform. The patented CVFS substantially increases
performance and efficiency for edge devices. The self-timed CVFS architecture
allows to automatically and continuously adjusts internal clock rate and supply
voltage to maximize energy efficiency for the given workload. The ECM3532
multicore NSP combines an MCU and a DSP, both with CVFS, to optimize execution
for the best efficiency making it well suited for IoT sensor nodes.

Key Features: 

  • 5mm x 5mm 81 ball BGA
  • As low as 100μW active power consumption in
    always-on applications
  • Arm Cortex-M3 processor with 256KB SRAM, 512KB
  • 16b Dual MAC DSP with 96KB dedicated SRAM for ML
  • Neural Development SDK with TensorFlow interface
    for seamless model integration into the ECM3532

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Ultra-Energy Efficient Edge AI Processor Ships

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