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U-blox IIoT LTE-M Module Certified for SK Telecom’s Network

U‑blox has announced certification of its SARA‑R410M‑73B
module for South Korea on SK Telecom’s LTE‑M
cellular network. The module series will support a broad spectrum of IoT
applications such as smart metering, telematics, asset and vehicle tracking,
security systems, building automation, as well as smart lighting solutions and
connected health. U-blox says that, with SARA‑R410M‑73B, it is launching
its first commercial module featuring device and data security implementation
in partnership with Kudelski, utilizing their patented technology for key

The SARA‑R410M‑73B modules
are well suited for mission‑critical IoT solutions because
they include a unique and immutable root of trust (RoT). This provides the
foundation for a trusted set of advanced security functionalities.

U‑blox CellLocate cellular
positioning technology enables standalone location estimation based on
surrounding mobile network information or in conjunction with GNSS (Global
Navigation Satellite System) positioning data to improve location.

Customers can future‑proof their solutions by means of uFOTA (Firmware Over The Air) client/server firmware updates, which utilizes LWM2M, a light and compact protocol well suited for IoT applications. Customized objects and resources can be created and added to devices that are already commercially in the field via the LWM2M dynamically loaded objects functionality. And with manufacturing in ISO/TS 16949‑certified production sites and an extended operating temperature range of –40°C to +85°C, it is well suited for industrial applications.

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U-blox IIoT LTE-M Module Certified for SK Telecom’s Network

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