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Turnkey Electronics Solution for Smart Eyeglasses

At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bosch Sensortec is launching
an optical Light Drive system for smartglasses. The Bosch Smartglasses Light
Drive module is a sole source, all-in-one technology stack consisting of MEMS
mirrors, optical elements, sensors and onboard processing. According to the
company, this integrated solution delivers a clean visual experience with
bright images that are always in focus—even in direct sunlight.

There is no externally visible display or integrated
camera—the two pitfalls that have alienated users of other smartglasses
technologies. The smaller size allows designers to overcome the bulky,
cumbersome characteristics of many of today’s smartglasses. For the first time,
a turnkey system enables smaller, lighter, more stylish smartglasses designs
that meet the visual and comfort needs of everyone. The tiny module is also big
news for those who wear eyeglasses for vision correction – a significant
market, given that six out of ten people use corrective lenses every day.

A microelectromechanical system (MEMS) based collimated
light scanner inside the Bosch Smartglasses Light Drive module scans a
holographic element (HOE) that is embedded in the lens of the smartglasses.
This HOE redirects the light beam onto the human retina surface, directly
painting a picture that is always in focus.

The technology enables hands-free, secure viewing of
practically any data from a connected mobile device, such as a paired
smartphone, overlaid in a comfortable viewing position. The projected
high-resolution image is crisp, bright, private and clearly visible even in
direct sunlight thanks to its adaptive brightness.

The Bosch Light Drive technology is compatible with
curved and corrective lenses, making this new tech appealing and available to
users who already wear prescription glasses. Older competitor display
technologies are hindered by a haze or rainbow glare called stray light that is
visible when the system is switched off. The Bosch Light Drive technology
provides pleasing all-day optical transparency with minimal stray light
sensitivity, meaning the view is always crystal clear.

The new complete turnkey Light Drive system is the
smallest comparable solution available on the market, says Bosch Sensortec. It
measures approximately 45-75 mm x 5-10 mm x 8 mm (L x H x W, depending on
customer integration) and weighs less than 10g. This makes it easy for glasses
manufacturers to flexibly reduce the width of the glasses frame to create a
stylish design, and eliminate the visibly chunky design of first-generation

The Bosch Smartglasses Light Drive solution will be
available in 2021 to high-volume manufacturers.

Bosch Sensortec |

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Turnkey Electronics Solution for Smart Eyeglasses

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