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Tiny LIDAR IC Doubles Bandwidth for Self-Driving Cars

Maxim Integrated Products has released what it says are
the industry’s fastest and smallest Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) ICs. Compared
to the closest competitive solution, Maxim says the MAX40026 high-speed
comparator and the MAX40660/MAX40661 high-bandwidth transimpedance amplifiers
enable 10mph (15km/h) faster autonomous driving at highway speeds by providing
more than 2x higher bandwidth and accommodating 32 additional channels (128 vs.
96) to a LiDAR module within the same module size.

With automotive self-driving systems evolving from 35mph to 65mph and beyond, LiDAR sensors are playing an increasing role in the fusion of vehicle sensors for their ability to provide accurate distance measurement of objects. With more than twice the bandwidth and the ability to accommodate 33 percent more channels within the same LiDAR module size compared to the closest competitor according to Maxim, the MAX40660/MAX40661 transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) provide optical receiver designers with higher-resolution images that enable faster autonomous driving systems.

The system size of the MAX40026 high-speed comparator plus the MAX40660/1 TIAs is 5mm2 smaller than the closest competitive solution, which allows developers to fit far more channels into space-constrained vehicle platforms. These ICs meet the stringent safety requirements of the automotive industry with AEC-Q100 qualification, enhanced electrostatic discharge (ESD) performance and failure modes, effects and diagnostic analysis (FMEDA) to support ISO 26262 certification at the system level.

The MAX40026 TDFN package size of 4mm2 and the MAX40660/1 TDFN package size of 9mm2 provide the industry’s smallest overall solution size. Maxim Integrated’s TIAs support 128 channels with the high bandwidth of 490MHz for MAX40660 and 2.1pA/√Hz input-referred noise density to support higher accuracy distance measurement in LiDAR applications; in addition, low propagation delay dispersion of the MAX40026 (10 picoseconds) contributes to accurate detection of both fixed and moving objects. MAX40660/1 reduces current consumption more than 80 percent in low power mode.

Availability and Pricing:

  • The MAX40026ATA/VY+T is available for $4.09 at
    Maxim Integrated’s website; also available from authorized distributors
  • The MAX40660 is available for $3.95 (1000-up,
    FOB USA) at Maxim Integrated’s website; also available from authorized
  • The MAX40661 is available for $3.74 (1000-up,
    FOB USA) at Maxim Integrated’s website; also available from authorized
  • The MAX40026EVKIT# evaluation kit is available
    for $71.40.
  • The MAX40660EVKIT# evaluation kit is available
    for $102.90.
  • The MAX40661EVKIT# evaluation kit is available
    for $102.90.

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Tiny LIDAR IC Doubles Bandwidth for Self-Driving Cars

by Circuit Cellar Staff time to read: 2 min