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Tiny Dual H-Bridge Control for Brushed DC Motors

Robot Power has announced the availability of the Scorpion Nano dual H-bridge motor control for brushed DC motors. The Scorpion Nano is the smallest member of Robot Power’s Scorpion family. Designed for controlling motors in small robots, toys and other mechanisms, the Nano features two independent reversible motor drive circuits. Robot Power claims that the Scorpion Nano is one of the smallest, if not the smallest available dual RC motor controls with channel mixing for skid steer robot control.

The Nano features robust automotive grade motor drive ICs with full fault protection and a wide operating range.  These motor drivers allow up to 1.2A of continuous current to each motor. Greater than 2A peak current is supported for short-term loads. RC wires are pre-installed along with a BEC function to power the RC receiver or microcontroller.

Battery and motor wires are also pre-installed for easy connection without soldering to the Nano PCB. A standard Scorpion family feature is a calibration button to allow the Scorpion Nano to adapt to the input signal range from either an RC radio or microcontroller. A cut-able jumper allows the Scorpion Nano to be configured for RC channel mixing or separate (tank mode) control. All Robot Power motor controls are 100% designed and built in the USA.

Scorpion Nano specifications:

  • Size: 0.75″ x 0.6 x 0.15” (19mm x 15mm x 3.8mm) Weight: ~5.7g (0.2oz) with wires
  • 3.7V – 16V voltage range (3S maximum recommended) 1.2A continuous current each motor, >2A peak (2 sec.) Full forward and reverse control
  • Over current and over temperature protection
  • Internal 3.3V regulator and receiver battery eliminator (BEC) Standard universal RC cables included
  • Battery and motor wires pre-installed Calibration function to match RC signal range

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Tiny Dual H-Bridge Control for Brushed DC Motors

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