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Software for Low Power IoT Machine Learning

Eta Compute has announced its TENSAI Flow software, a software suite that complements its existing development resources and enables seamless design from concept to firmware, speeding the creation of machine learning applications in IoT and low power edge devices.

TENSAI Flow software reduces development risks by quickly confirming feasibility and proof of concept, says the company. TENSAI Flow enables seamless development for machine learning applications in IoT and low power edge devices. It includes a neural network compiler, a neural network “zoo” and middleware comprising FreeRTOS, HAL and frameworks for sensors, as well as IoT/cloud enablement. 

According to Eta Compute, the TENSAI Flow exclusive neural network compiler delivers the best optimization for neural networks running on Eta Compute’s device as well as the industry’s best power efficiency. In addition, the middleware makes dual core programming seamless by eliminating the need to write customized code to take full advantage of DSPs. A unique Neural Network Zoo accelerates and simplifies development with ready-to-use networks for the most common use cases. These will include motion, image and sound classification. Developers simply train the networks with their data. And, with the insight from TENSAI Flow’s real-world applications, developers can see the potential of neural sensor processors precisely in terms of energy efficiency and performance in a variety of field-tested examples.

Compared to direct implementation on a competitive device of the same CIFAR10 neural network, the TENSAI neural network compiler on TENSAI SoC improves energy per inference by a factor 54x, says the company. Using the CIFAR10 neural network from TENSAI neural network zoo and TENSAI neural network compiler improves the energy per inference further, bringing it to a staggering 200x factor.

Through its interface with Edge Impulse, TENSAI Flow allows developers to securely acquire and store training data so customers train once and have real-world models for future development. The software automatically optimizes TensorFlow Lite AI models for Eta Compute’s TENSAI SoC. With TENSAI Flow, TENSAI SoC can load AI models that include sensor interfaces seamlessly. TENSAI Flow provides the foundation to automatically provisions and connects devices to the cloud and upgrades firmware over the air based on new models or data.

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Software for Low Power IoT Machine Learning

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