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Simplified, Cost-Effective EtherCAT Implemenation with XMC4300 Microcontrollers

The Infineon Technologies XMC4300 microcontroller series simplifies EtherCAT implementation complexity and cost. Developed for cost-sensitive industrial applications, the XMC4300 is well suited for a variety of applications, such as factory automation, industrial motor control, and robotics.Infineon EtherCAT

Like Intineon’s XMC4800 series, the XMC4300 features an integrated EtherCAT node on an ARM Cortex-M processor with on-chip flash and analog/mixed signal capabilities. Neither the XMC4300 nor XMC4800 require oadditional components such as dedicated EtherCAT ASIC, external memory, or a quartz clock generator to start the EtherCAT slave controller. An integrated PLL supplies the EtherCAT IP with the necessary 25-MHz clock. Code executes from the Cortex-M4 processor at 144 MHz from the integrated RAM or flash memory.

You can use the XMC4300 and XMC4800 in mixed networks with CAN and EtherCAT because they allow a gateway from CAN to EtherCAT via through DMA transfers. In addition to 256 KB of flash memory and 128 KB of RAM memory, the XMC4300 features two CAN nodes with up to 64 message objects to be organized into send/receive FIFO. In addition, the XMC4300 series is certified for an ambient temperature of up to 125°C.

The two devices in the XMC4300 series vary in temperature range, with up to 85°C and up to 125°C, respectively. Offered in an LQFP-100 package, they are pin- and code-compatible with devices in the XMC4800 series.

Infineon offers a development board, the XMC4300 Relax EtherCAT Kit, and software development tools for immediate EtherCAT node setup. The XMC4300 Relax EtherCAT Kit is equipped with an XMC4300 and an on-board debugger, EtherCAT, CAN node, and USB. For software development, you can use the DAVE development environment with libraries for low-level drives and apps free of charge. For EtherCAT, DAVE uses Slave Stack Code (SSC) from Beckhoff. In addition to the free development environment, third-party manufacturers offer commercial EtherCAT slave stacks.

Source: Infineon Technologies

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Simplified, Cost-Effective EtherCAT Implemenation with XMC4300 Mi…

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