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Small, Sixth-Generation Silicon TV Tuners

Silicon Labs recently launched the sixth generation of its high-performance TV tuner ICs. The Si2151 and Si2141 TV tuners are intended for the global hybrid TV and digital TV markets. Both support digital and analog video broadcasts, and they comply with all worldwide terrestrial/cable TV standards.SiliconLabs-TV-Tuner

  • The Si2151/41 tuners fully comply with the China GB/T 26686-2011 general specification for digital terrestrial television receivers.
  •  The Si2151/41 tuners deliver a large margin to this specification for the VHF-Low, VHF-High and UHF frequency bands.
  • At just 3 mm x 3 mm QFN, the Si2151/41 devices are the smallest TV tuner ICs available today.
  • The Si2151/41 devices require no balun on the RF input, and they integrate all tracking filter inductors, which dramatically reduces system cost and complexity.
  • The Si2151/41 tuners require no external power transistor for single-supply operation and eliminate the need for external inductive power supply filtering, resulting in the most cost-effective, highest performance on-board TV tuner designs
  • The Si2151/41 family shares a common API with Silicon Labs’ entire TV tuner portfolio.

Samples and production quantities of the Si2151/41 TV tuners are available now in a 3 mm x 3 mm 24-QFN package. The Si2151 worldwide hybrid TV tuner costs $0.72 in 10,000-unit quantities. The Si2141 worldwide digital TV tuner is priced at $0.70 in 10,000-unit quantities. Si2151-A-EVB and the Si2141-A-EVB evaluation boards are also available for $395.

Source: Silicon Labs


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Small, Sixth-Generation Silicon TV Tuners

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