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SiC Modules Enable Power Efficient Designs

Microchip Technology has announced its expanded portfolio
of smaller, lighter and more efficient Silicon Carbide (SiC)-power modules. Microchip’s
SiC family includes commercially-qualified Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD)-based
power modules in 700, 1200 and 1700V variants. The new power module family
includes various topologies including Dual Diode, Full Bridge, Phase Leg, Dual
Common Cathode and 3-Phase bridge, in addition to offering different current
and package options. The addition of SiC SBD modules simplifies designs by
integrating multiple SiC diode die with the option to mix and match substrate
and baseplate material into a single module—which maximizes switching
efficiency, reduces thermal rise and allows for a smaller system footprint.

Demand continues to rapidly grow for SiC-based systems to
maximize efficiency and reduce size and weight, allowing engineers to create
innovative power solutions, says Microchip. Applications leveraging SiC
technology range from electric vehicles and charging stations to smart power
grids and industrial and aircraft power systems.

The flexible portfolio of 700, 1200 and 1700V SiC SBD
modules utilize Microchip’s newest generation of SiC die, which maximizes
system reliability and ruggedness and enables stable and lasting application
life. The devices’ high avalanche performance allows system designers to reduce
the need for snubber circuits, and the body diode stability allows designs to
use the internal body diode without long-term degradation.

The company’s 30kW 3-Phase Vienna Power Factor Correction
(PFC), SiC discrete and SP3/SP6LI module drive reference designs/boards provide
system developers tools to help reduce development cycle times. The recently
added AgileSwitch family of digital programmable gate drivers further supports
accelerating the process of moving from the design stage to production.

Microchip’s 700, 1200 and 1700V SiC SBDs power modules
are released and available for order. The complete SiC portfolio is supported
by a range of SiC SPICE models, SiC driver board reference designs and a PFC
Vienna reference design. Microchip SiC products are available in production
volumes along with their associated support offerings. A variety of die and
package options are available for the SiC MOSFETs and SiC diodes.

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SiC Modules Enable Power Efficient Designs

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