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Routers Serve IoT Connectivity and 5G Needs

Digi International has launched several cellular routers and extenders. The Digi TX54 (shown) and Digi TX64 comprise the launch of its TX line of transportation and intelligent traffic system routers, while the Digi EX12 cellular extender joins the Digi EX15 in supporting indoor, enterprise use cases, particularly in signage, retail and food service markets.

The new cellular connectivity offerings are designed to meet the shifting needs of the IoT marketplace, says Digi. On supported Digi devices, additional flexibility is available with the Digi CORE plug-in module: no need to replace the whole unit, just swap the Digi CORE to the LTE standard needed.

While designed for different applications, Digi’s new TX54, TX64 and EX12 are built on a strong foundation that is shared by the rest of Digi’s routers, including:

Designed for transportation, intelligent traffic system (ITS), and public safety applications, the Digi TX54 and Digi TX64 are built to make smart cities a reality, says the company. In traffic systems, these routers lay the connectivity groundwork needed for traffic monitoring and optimization for connected and even self-driving car capabilities in the future. Dual cellular and dual Wi-Fi makes them ideal for on-transit-vehicle connectivity by both eliminating network downtime with immediate cellular failover and providing simultaneous, firewalled passenger and administrator connectivity to meet the demands of modern riders without jeopardizing the transit organization’s operations. Additionally, the Digi TX64 with its dual Gigabit LTE (Cat 18) radios is ready for 5G as part of AT&T’s 5G rollout.

Essentially, the TX64 is an Industrial computer with a Quad-core 1.9 GHz processor, with added routing capabilities. This creates new capabilities outside that of a traditional router for local file streaming and storage, to facilitate applications such as onsite camera monitoring, emergency response kits and Wi-Fi for on-board transit applications.

Digi built the EX12—and the already available advanced featured Digi EX15—for indoor retail and enterprise use cases. These offerings provide users with choice, to ensure they get the right features for their application needs at the right value. Digi says the new Digi EX12 is its most affordable cellular extender for low to medium bandwidth applications, including business continuity, point of sale, and digital signage connectivity in retail and primary LTE connectivity in kiosks, ATMs, and lottery machines.

Both the Digi TX54 and TX64 are available now. The Digi EX12 will be available by this summer.

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Routers Serve IoT Connectivity and 5G Needs

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