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Rigado Adds EnOcean’s Devices to its Bluetooth Program

Rigado has announced the addition of the EasyFit Bluetooth sensors and switches by EnOcean to its portfolio of pre-integrated and certified sensors and devices. All of the EasyFit wireless devices are self-powered and support energy-conscious and maintenance-free IoT solutions for Smart Buildings.

Launched in June 2019, Rigado’s pre-integrated Bluetooth devices program offers solution providers a catalog of Bluetooth sensors and devices that have been pre-integrated and certified with Rigado’s Gateways and Edge Connect data platform. While Rigado’s platform is compatible with any standard Bluetooth product, these pre-integrated devices are ready for plug-and-play deployment, with no custom coding required.

Specifically, the EnOcean EasyFit motion detector and single/dual rocker wireless switches have been certified for the Rigado program. All three devices are available immediately for plug-and-play deployment with Rigado Gateways and Edge Connect.

EnOcean uses the energy harvesting principle, in which energy is obtained from the surroundings to power wireless switches and sensors. The Easyfit switches integrate the field-proven kinetic energy harvesting technology, generating energy by the press of a button, which is used in over one million buildings worldwide. The Bluetooth motion detector is powered simply by the lights in the room, storing the excess energy to continue functioning when the lights are out for the night. Both devices integrate an NFC interface (Near Field Communication) for easy configuration via an NFC reader, an NFC-enabled smartphone or a tablet.

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