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PMIC Shrinks and Simplifies Automotive Display Designs

Maxim Integrated Products has announced the MAX16923 4-output display power IC with watchdog timer. By replacing four or five discrete ICs with a single power management solution, the MAX16923 significantly shrinks solution size and makes it easier for automotive designers to increase the number of displays from two to five per vehicle or even more.

According to Maxim, the number of automotive displays per vehicle continues to grow as OEMs seek to make cars more attractive with advanced instrument clusters, infotainment, heads-up displays, center displays, rear-seat entertainment and smart mirror applications. Designers struggle with the complexity of adding these screens because the required power supply circuitry competes for space with a myriad of other electronic systems inside the car, says the company.

The MAX16923 offers high integration with four power rails, featuring both a high-voltage and low-voltage buck converter, a high-voltage and low-voltage low-dropout (LDO) regulator, electromagnetic interference (EMI) mitigation and a watchdog timer in a single IC. Its high level of integration can reduce an automotive power solution from four or five ICs down to one chip, without making the temperature rise significantly. This also helps ease design complexity and reduces the power solution size up to 50% compared to the closest competitive solution, says Maxim. Additionally, EMI mitigation and the watchdog timer improve reliability of each display.

The MAX16923 is available at Maxim’s website. Pricing available upon request. The MAX16923EVKIT# evaluation kit is available for $50.

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PMIC Shrinks and Simplifies Automotive Display Designs

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