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Open Flash Loader Capabilities Added to J-Link, J-Trace, and Flasher

SEGGER recently added Open Flash Loader capabilities to its J-Link, J-Trace, and Flasher offerings. This gives you the flexibility necessary to take advantage of the enhanced features incorporated into the J-Link debug probe solutions by adding support for new target devices.segger jlink
You can use the target devices in the same way as the target devices currently supported by SEGGER, with direct flash download functionality in all related IDEs and debuggers, including GDB-based tool chains (e.g, Eclipse). For target devices implemented with the Open Flash Loader, you can also add an unlimited number of breakpoints in flash memory.

Silicon vendors can implement support for new devices at the early stages of the development process, even before first silicon samples have been fabricated. Furthermore, they’ll find it useful where the flash programming algorithm utilized must be kept confidential. End users also benefit, especially when flash loaders will be working in conjunction with special external memories.

Source: SEGGER

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Open Flash Loader Capabilities Added to J-Link, J-Trace, and Fla…

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