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Next-Gen Premium Multichannel DAC Series

A new series of 2/4/6/8-channel D/A converters from Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) is powering the next generation of high-quality consumer electronic devices, measurement equipment, and control systems. The AK4452/AK4454/AK4456/AK4458 premium 32-bit DAC devices have up to eight channels. The devices are based on AKM’s Velvet Sound architecture. Combining fine sound details with the low-distortion architecture and 32-bit resolution digital filter processing, the new technology is already finding applications in new AV receivers, network audio and USB DACs, USB headphones, audio interfaces, and much more.AKM-NewDACsWeb

The digital input in the new DAC series supports up to 768-kHz PCM and 11.2-MHz Direct Stream Digital (DSD), suitable for high-resolution audio source playback. With up to eight channels and a TDM interface allowing daisy chaining, the series also provides a simple solution to a wide range of applications.

According to AKM, its Velvet Sound core architecture was designed specifically to support the high-resolution audio market and achieves the lowest distortion in the industry with –107 dB in the D/A conversion and 115-dB S/N. Using Over Sampling Ratio Doubler (OSRD), the new chips reduce out of band noise and include Impulse Response Designed (IRD) filters integrated with 32-bit processing. Five different digital filters types are selectable according to the user audio and system preferences.

The new lineup is available in 32-pin QFN, 5 × 5 mm (AK4452/AK4454) and 48-pin QFN, 7 × 7 mm (AK4456/AK4458) packages.

Via audioXpress

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Next-Gen Premium Multichannel DAC Series

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