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New Si827x ISOdriver Family Provides High Noise Immunity for Power Supplies, & More

Silicon Labs recently launched a family of isolated gate drivers that solves a critical need for modern power supply designs. Offering high noise immunity, the Si827x ISOdriver family is intended for power supplies, solar power inverters, chargers for electric vehicles, and more.Silicon Labs Si827x

The Si827x family offers single- and dual-isolated drivers with either two independent input controls or a single input for power converter applications. The drivers operate from 2.5  to 5.5 V input VDD and a maximum drive supply voltage of 30 V. The lower VDDI voltage capability of 2.5 V enables you to design systems with a low-voltage power supply that consumes less power and is compatible with low-power microcontrollers.

The Si827x family’s features and specs:

  • Industry’s highest noise immunity (200 kV/µs) and latch-up immunity (400 kV/µs)
  • Operate down to 2.5 V VDD to reduce power consumption
  • 30 ns delay with 10× shorter propagation delay and 20× lower skew than competing gate drivers
  • EN pin (instead of DIS pin)
  • Accurate timing including dead-time control to maximize system efficiency and safety
  • Stable operation over a long lifetime (up to 60 years or 10× longer than opto-based solutions)

Samples and production quantities of the Si827x isolated gate drivers are available in narrow-body SOIC and compact 5 mm × 5 mm LGA packages. Si827x family pricing in 10,000-unit quantities starts at $1.19. Evaluation kits ($29) are also available: Si8273ISO-KIT, Si8274ISO-KIT, and Si8275ISO-KIT.

Source: Silicon Labs

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New Si827x ISOdriver Family Provides High Noise Immunity for Powe…

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