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New Low-Cost MEMS Inertial Accelerometer

Silicon Designs recently announced the North American market introduction of the new Model 1525 Series integral inertial accelerometer family. Offering impressive low-noise performance, the nitrogen damped and hermetically sealed SDI Model 1525 Series is intended for tactical navigation, seismic, and other zero-to-medium frequency instrumentation applications that require high-repeatability, low noise, and maximum stability. SiliconDesigns 1525 MEMS Acc

Each miniature, hermetically sealed package combines a MEMS variable capacitive sense element and a custom integrated circuit that includes both a sense amplifier and 4.0 V differential output stage. Units are available in six unique full-scale ranges from 2 g to 100 g with reliable performance over a standard operating temperature range of –40°C to 85°C. Each device has a serial number for traceability. Each unit comes with a calibration test sheet showing measured bias, scale factor, linearity, operating current, and frequency response.

Source: Silicon Designs

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New Low-Cost MEMS Inertial Accelerometer

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