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New Fifth-Generation Quasi-Resonant Flyback Controller and Integrated Power IC

Infineon Technologies recently announced the fifth generation of its stand-alone quasi-resonant flyback controller and integrated power IC CoolSET family. This generation offers more efficiency, faster startup, and improved overall performance. The new ICs are especially designed for AC/DC switch mode power supplies in a wide variety of applications.Infineon_Gen5_CoolSET

The latest 700- and 800-V CoolMOS P7 families are integrated with a fifth-generation controller in a single package. The cascode configuration for the high-voltage MOSFET in combination with the internal current regulator provides fast startup performance. Light load performance is optimized through an Active Burst Mode (ABM) with selectable entry/exit thresholds.

Furthermore, the device incorporates new algorithms that minimize the switching frequency spread between different line conditions. It also simplifies EMI filter design. Device protection includes input over-voltage protection, brown in/out, pin short to ground, and over-temperature protection with hysteresis. All protection features are implemented with auto-restart to minimize any interruption to operation.

The complete fifth generation quasi-resonant controller and CoolSET product portfolio will be available starting in May 2017. The controller comes in an SMD package (DSO-8). The CoolSET comes in both SMD (DSO-12) and through-hole (DIP-7) packages.

Source: Infineon Technologies

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New Fifth-Generation Quasi-Resonant Flyback Controller and Integr…

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