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Networking Dev Kit Runs Linux on NXP’s new S32G SoC

Written by Eric Brown

MicroSys’ “miriac SBC-S32G274A” dev kit for automotive networking runs Linux on NXP’s quad -A53, MCU-enabled S32G via an “MPX-S32G274A” module. Features include 2x Flexray, 4x LIN, 18x CAN, and TSN-switched Fast, GbE, 2.5GbE, and T1 LAN ports.

NXP announced its S32G automotive networking processor in January at CES along with a S32G-VNP-RDB reference design board that has yet to ship. Soon, developers will have another option in the MicroSys miriac SBC-S32G274A development kit, built around a miriac MPX-S32G274A module. The products follow other MicroSys Miriac boards with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) including last year’s miriac MPX-LS1028A and SBC-LS1028A-TSN. The kit supports industrial automation, medical, railway & transportation, construction, and defense application in addition to automotive networking.

miriac SBC-S32G274A and block diagram
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Designed as a network processor for ADAS and autonomous cars, NXP’s S32G runs Linux on a quad-core, Cortex-A53 block accompanied by 3x Cortex-M7 cores. The headless SoC is loaded with coprocessors including Ethernet packet forwarding and hardware security engines. Network accelerators include CAN FD, FlexRay, SPI, and LIN (Local Interconnect Network), as well as a Low Latency Communications Engine (LLCE). (For more details, see our earlier S32G story.)

The MPX-S32G274A module on the SBC-S32G274A is equipped with 4GB soldered LPDDR4 RAM at 1600MT/s plus 32GB eMMC and 512MB QuadSPI flash. We saw no separate product page for the miriac MPX-S32G274A module. There is, however, a page for MicroSys’ Linux-powered MPX-S32V234 module based on NXP’s earlier, image processing focused S32V234 automotive SoC with 4x -A53 cores.

Block diagrams for NXP’s S32G (left) and its SJA1110 Ethernet switch
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The 240 x 140mm SBC-S32G274A carrier board adds an NXP SJA1110 Ethernet Switch with TSN support plus 4x GbE, 1x Fast Ethernet (10/100Mbps), 1x 2.5GbE, and 6x T1 Ethernet ports. All the ports feed into the switch except for three of the GbE ports.

The SBC-S32G274A is further equipped with automotive I/O including 2x Flexray, 4x LIN, and 18x CAN, including 2x CAN FD. There are also 12x analog inputs to ADCs, a microSD slot, a micro-USB serial debug port, and JTAG and 40-pin AURORA debug interfaces.

Expansion features include a mini-PCIe slot and M.2 M-key socket. There’s a 12V (9-15V range) DC input jack and a supercapacitor for the board’s real-time clock. The board will ship in both a standard kit and a kit with a Linux BSP, a power supply, and undisclosed accessories. A version with -40 to 85°C support is available upon request.

Further information

The miriac SBC-S32G274A will ship in Q2 2020 at an undisclosed price. There was no information on separate availability of the miriac MPX-S32G274A module. More information may be found in the MicroSys miriac SBC-S32G274A announcement and product page.

This article originally appeared on on February 7, 2020.

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Networking Dev Kit Runs Linux on NXP’s new S32G SoC

by Eric Brown time to read: 2 min