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Modular IoT Gateway is Railway-Certified


Eurotech has announced a new family of modular IoT edge gateways. Eurotech says its new BoltGATE 20-31 family provides a modular solution that addresses the challenges of the next-generation applications for smart transportation by combining hardware and software for Edge processing and Cloud connectivity. The new family of the BoltGATE 20-31 features configuration flexibility with a modular concept. Starting from the main CPU Module that can be used stand alone, and by adding all the Expansion Modules in order to take advantage of all the additional features.

The BoltGATE 20-31 System consists of the BoltGATE 20-31 Module, which is the main CPU Module, and a wide set of Expansion Modules. The main CPU Module of the BoltGATE 20-31 is based on the Intel Atom E3900 processor and will be available in the following configurations:

  • Two Wi-Fi/BLE and Cellular LTE Cat4 Global variants based on 2 Cores or 4 Cores CPU
  • One MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) + Cellular LTE Cat4 Global variant based on a 4 Cores CPU

Both configurations include a high-accuracy GNSS receiver supporting GPS/GLONASS with UDR (Untethered Dead Reckoning) mode and security features such as the TPM 2.0. A railway-certified power supply is integrated in the Main CPU Module.

The Expansion Modules will provide the following functions:

  • BoltAIR 20-31: Wireless units and an odometer input
  • BoltSER 20-31: Serial & CAN interfaces
  • BoltIO 20-31: Digital I/Os
  • BoltNET 20-31: Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • BoltSTOR 20-31: Storage expansion module

All the Expansion Modules of the BoltGATE 20-31 family are fanless, compact and will be powered by the Main CPU Module. As for all the families of Eurotech’s IoT Edge Gateways also the BoltGATE 20-31 it is enhanced by Eurotech’s IoT Edge Framework, Everyware Software Framework (ESF). ESF makes the BoltGATE 20-31 a fast go-to-market solution for IoT transportation applications such as passenger infotainment and entertainment, train-to-ground communications and fleet management, says Eurotech. The Java-based IoT Edge Framework provides a friendly web-based user interface to visually compose powerful data flows to acquire data from the bus, filter, aggregate and analyze it at the Edge, and publish it to the Cloud though the popular MQTT protocol. BoltGATE 20-31 will be available in Q2 2020.

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Modular IoT Gateway is Railway-Certified

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