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Infineon Expands Its 200-V Driver IC Portfolio

Infineon Technologies AG has expanded its 200-V driver IC portfolio with the IRS2005(S, M) for high-voltage, high-speed IGBTs and power MOSFETs. The IC features comprehensive protection for motor drive space-constrained applications (e.g., golf carts and power tools).Infineon IOR_PDIO-8

The IRS200x family comprises high-side and low-side and H-bridge drivers utilizing Infineon’s high-voltage junction isolation (HVJI) technology to realize small packages while remaining tolerant to negative transient voltages. Built for  low-voltage (24 V, 36 V, and 48 V) and mid-voltage (60 V, 80 V, and 100 V) applications, the 200-V devices enable high system level efficiency and power density while providing the necessary robustness.

The IRS200x family consists of six devices with a typical sink current of 600 mA and source current of 290 mA. The 200-V devices are compatible with 3.3-, 5-, and 15-V logic components. Across the family, the driver ICs feature V CC Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) while the IRS2005 also includes V BS UVLO, further improving system reliability. The 200V driver ICs are intended for use with bootstrap power supplies, which eliminates the need for large auxiliary power supplies. In addition, the devices include integrated deadtime and shoot-through protection. They feature low quiescent currents. The IRS2004 also features a shutdown input pin.

The 200-V IRS200x driver ICs are offered in eight-pin SOIC, eight-pin DIP or 14-pin 4 × 4 mm MLPQ packages with various logic input options and standard pinout configurations. Production samples of the IRS200x devices are now available.

Source: Infineon Technologies

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Infineon Expands Its 200-V Driver IC Portfolio

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