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HumPRO Series Frequency-Hopping Digital Data Transceiver Module

Hummingbird platform is a low-cost complete wide-band transceiver with microcontroller module. The HumPRO Ssries wireless UART module is a completely integrated RF transceiver and processor designed to transmit digital data across a wireless link. It has a built-in frequency hopping over-the-air protocol that manages all of the transmission and reception functions. It takes data in on its UART and supplies the data out of a UART on the remote module.HUM-900-PRO

The HumPRO series modules have three addressing modes that support point-to-point and broadcast messages with 16- or 32-bit addresses. With no internal address or routing tables, the module does not limit the number of directly addressed or broadcast receivers within the operating range of the transmitter. Routing can be performed by an external microcontroller that is sized for memory and speed appropriate for the desired network size.

Specifications and features:

  • Low Cost: It uses advanced system on chip (SoC) technology to minimize the footprint and the number of components. The module is designed for high volume production, leading to a price that is nearly half that of similar modules, and making it cost competitive with discrete designs.
  • Robust: Built-in error detection and retransmission options create extremely robust point-to-point links for bi-directional data transmissions.
  • Frequency Hopping: The module has a FHSS protocol that typically locks in under 30 ms at 115 kbps and 60 ms at 9.6 kbps. This allows it to quickly wake up, send data and go back to sleep, saving power in battery-operated applications that have strict power budgets. It handles all protocol functions automatically.
  • Ease of Implementation: The user can configure a wide variety of settings through a standard UART interface. For point-point applications, the modules can be configured once, then send and receive data without need for further commands. For larger networks, commands support selective addressing and group broadcasting. The simple interface significantly reduces firmware development.
  • Addressing: All HumPRO modules have a unique 32-bit serial number that can be used as an address. Additional addressing modes support customer-assigned 16 or 32-bit source and destination addressing, enabling point-to-point and broadcast messages. Address masking by the receiving module allows for creating subnets. Advanced networks can be implemented with an external microcontroller.
  • Small Size: Like its namesake, Hummingbird modules are tiny. At 11.5 mm × 14 mm, it is less than one quarter the size of similar competitive modules.
  • Low Power: Linx designed the Hummingbird platform for battery powered applications. It operates as low as 2.0 V and has low transmit current of 40 mA, receive current of 25mA and standby current under 1 μA.
  • Ample Range: The HumPROTM outputs up to 10 dBm, resulting in a line-of-sight range of up to 1,600 m (1.0 mile), depending on the antenna implementation.
  • External Amplifiers: The module has control lines that allow it to work with an external PA and LNA for applications that need more system range.
  • Certification: The HumPRO Series is available in a non-certified version and in pre-certified versions with an RF connector or castellation connection.

Source: Linx Technologies

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HumPRO Series Frequency-Hopping Digital Data Transceiver Module

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