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High-Performance Secure Shell Solution for MCU-Based Systems

SEGGER recently introduced its emSSH software library for the purpose of creating secure connections between a client and a server, typically over a TCP/IP connection. The library is well suited for applications such as secure remote controls.

emSSH includes all modules required for implementing SSH cryptographic networks. They are provided as source code and thus give complete code control. emSSH also delivers full transparency, which eliminates concerns about possible security issues. Its flexible crypto engine can make use of hardware acceleration (if available), and it comes with a powerful API.

Hardware and transport independent, emSSH integrates with SEGGER’s em-bOS/IP and third-party stacks via the standard socket interface. You can configure the emSSH library to meet a variety of speed or size requirements. Unused features can be excluded and additional features can easily be added. The complete software package is written in ANSI C and it’s both compiler and target independent.

Source: SEGGER Microcontroller

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High-Performance Secure Shell Solution for MCU-Based Systems

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