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Hand-Held DSOs for Industrial Applications

B&KThe 2510 Series hand-held digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) includes 60- and 100-MHz bandwidth models in non-isolated and isolated designs. The portable, dual-channel DSOs provide floating measurement capabilities with built-in digital multimeter (DMM) and recorder functions.

Models 2511 and 2512 provide non-isolated 300-V CAT II-rated inputs and are well suited for general electronics. Designed for industrial applications, models 2515 and 2516 provide two fully isolated 1,000-V CAT II/600-V CAT III-rated inputs and feature fully isolated channels for safe and accurate floating measurements.

All 2510 Series models offer 5.7” color displays, a built-in 6,000-count DMM with dedicated terminals for current measurement, and oscilloscope/meter trend plot functions to log measurement values. You can use the DSOs to capture and record up to two voltage or time parameters or graph any of the DMM’s measurements, including DC/AC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, diode, and continuity testing.

The 2510 Series’ additional features include digital filtering with adjustable limits, 32 automatic measurements, FFT and math functions, a multi-language interface, and USB connectivity for remote PC control. A side-panel USB host port is available to save setups, waveform data, screenshots, or CSV files to a USB flash drive.

Each model weighs approximately 3.4 lb with the included rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can provide up to 4 h of continuous battery operation. The DSOs include two high-bandwidth safety-rated passive probes and a pair of DMM test leads. Models 2515 and 2516 include a hard plastic carry case accessory. The 2510 Series models are backed by a standard three-year warranty. The model 2511 (60 MHz, two non-isolated Ch, 300 V CAT II) costs $935.

The model 2512 (100 MHz, two non-isolated Channel, 300 V CAT II) costs $1,125. The model 2515 (60 MHz, two isolated Channel, 1,000 V CAT II, 600 V CAT III) costs $2,165. The model 2516 (100 MHz, two isolated Channel, 1,000 V CAT II, 600 V CAT III) costs $2,395.

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Hand-Held DSOs for Industrial Applications

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