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Google TPU and Gateworks SBCs Provide AI Solution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are shaping and advancing complex automated technology solutions. Gateworks suggests a solution along these lines, pairing its SBCs with a Google Coral Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). Having these capabilities integrated into hardware allows for solutions that can recognize objects in an image, analyze and detect abnormalities in patterns or find key phrases. These functionalities can be paramount for applications including, but not limited to, autonomous vehicles and robots, monitoring devices for IoT networks, and voice and language processing applications. Nearly any industry can take advantage of this powerful technology, including manufacturing, oil and gas, security and defense, agriculture and automotive.

Google Coral TPU Card in the bottom left Mini-PCIe Socket.

Gateworks has created a demonstration showcasing the SBC-TPU combo working together in an image recognition scenario. The Google Coral Mini-PCIe card is inserted into a Gateworks SBC which also has an USB webcam connected to it. The Coral unit analyzes the live video from the webcam to detect and identify different objects. Each inference is extremely fast and accurate. A video of the demo is available here:

Google Coral TPU & Gateworks SBC Highlights:

  • Rugged SBC and TPU Solution
  • Accelerates neural networks with edge TPU
  • Performance: 4 TOPS (Trillion Operations Per Second)
  • Half-size Mini-PCIe Form Factor (PCIe Gen2 x1)
  • Supported Framework:​ TensorFlow Lite
  • Works with ​AutoML Vision Edge
  • Power: 2 W Typ., 4W Max
  • -20°C to +70°C Operating Temperature

The Gateworks Wiki page for this project with demo code is available here.

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Google TPU and Gateworks SBCs Provide AI Solution

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