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Gbit Ethernet mPCIe Module Boasts Integrated PoE+

VersaLogic has expanded its line of industrial
temperature, rugged Mini PCIe expansion products with the new “E6” module. The
new Gigabit Ethernet expansion board offers optional POE+ support. It provides
an easy “all-in-one”, economical way to add a Gbit Ethernet port with POE+ to
any embedded computer systems, especially those in hostile environments.

Unlike other solutions, the E6 is a single Mini PCIe card
that has magnetic isolation and POE+ injection circuitry on-board. There is no
need for mezzanine cards, special cables or additional POE injection adaptors. Rated
for POE+, the E6 supports peripheral devices drawing up to 30W.

The E6 includes IEEE 1588/802.1AS Precision Time Protocol
support. This enables precise time-synchronization between network nodes in
applications such as smart factory and smart security. The E6’s extremely small
form factor allows it to be easily added to systems with very little impact to
the overall size of the solution. It is ideal for size and weight optimized

The E6 is built for any application required to function
in extreme environments. Fully tested thermal management assures reliable
operation over the full industrial temperature range (-40° to +85°C). Latching
connectors and MIL-STD-202H shock and vibration testing ensure performance in
the most demanding conditions. The MPEe-E6E was engineered and validated to
excel in unforgiving real-world applications.

The E6 is available in two flavors, with or without POE+.
For those not requiring POE+, the MPEe-E6E provides Gigabit Ethernet with IEEE
1588 support in the same rugged, compact format. The E6 is customizable, even
in low OEM quantities. Customization options include conformal coating,
revision locks, custom labeling, customized testing and screening, etc.

As with all VersaLogic products, the E6 Gigabit Ethernet
with POE+ board is designed for high reliability and long- term availability
(10+ year typical production lifecycle). The E6 with POE+ (VL-MPEe-E6E-P) is in
stock at both VersaLogic Corp. and Digi-Key with OEM quantity pricing starting
as low as $134. Without POE, the MPEe-E6E at OEM quantity pricing starts at $111.

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Gbit Ethernet mPCIe Module Boasts Integrated PoE+

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