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Four-Slot Raspberry Pi Cluster Board Starts at $80

Written by Eric Brown

IPTerra’s “CloverPi” cluster board starts at $80 on Kickstarter, supporting up to 4x Raspberry Pi SBCs with power, switches, LEDs, and network headers for each plus a 5-port GbE switch with uplink port.

Most Raspberry Pi cluster kits we’ve seen support the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, such as Turing Pi’s $128, 7-board Turing Pi Clusterboard or MiniNodes’ $259 5 Node Raspberry Pi 3 CoM Carrier Board. There’s also Pimoroni’s, 4-board, $49 RPi Cluster HAT v2.3, which instead supports the Raspberry Pi Zero. Like BitScope’s Blade boards, IPTerra’s new CloverPi can cluster regular-sized Raspberry Pi boards.

CloverPi with (top) and without the Raspberry Pi boards (bottom)
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Houston-based startup IPTerra is a fifth of the way to its $15,000 all-or-nothing Kickstarter goal for the CloverPi, starting at $80 or $90 early bird prices through April 30, with shipments due in June or August, respectively. This is actually the CloverPi 1.4 — the first version IPTerra has sent to production — and if this doesn’t work, it’s already worked on a CloverPi 2.0 model.

The CloverPi, which we saw on Geeky Gadgets, consists of a backplane for connectors that house up to four Raspberry Pi SBCs, including any model with a 40-pin connector. There’s also a board that fits in the fifth slot with a 12 or 19V power supply that supports all four SBCs and a 5-port Gigabit Ethernet switch, with one of the ports used for uplink.

CloverPi side views
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Each Pi board has its own dedicated power switch, network header, networking link light, and individually addressable LED. Mounting holes are also included. Applications are said to include K8s, Docker swarms, OpenStack development, and small office server or Open Flickr stacks.

Further information

The CloverPi is available on Kickstarter in $80 or $90 early bird prices through April 30, with shipments due in June or August, respectively. These will be followed by a $120 package due in November and an eventual $150 retail price. Double-board discounts are also available. More information may be found on the CloverPi Kickstarter page and the IPTerra website.

This article originally appeared on on March 4, 2020.

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Four-Slot Raspberry Pi Cluster Board Starts at $80

by Eric Brown time to read: 1 min