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Firms Collaborate on Tiny PoL DC-DC Converter

Dialog Semiconductor has announced a collaboration with TDK to include Dialog’s GreenPAK technology with TDK’s latest series of µPOL (point-of-load) power solutions to create what they claim as the world’s first single-integrated system power sequencing solution. Traditional discrete solutions currently available on the market require an extensive array of components, which reduces board space availability, impacts system reliability and drives up manufacturing costs, says Dialog Semi. Combining Dialog’s scalable, flexible GreenPAK technology with TDK‘s small, high-density power module solution reduces the number of required components and ensures a more compact, reliable, robust solution for powering advanced industrial embedded control, IoT and 5G applications.

Dialog says its GreenPAK technology reduces production lead time to just four-to-six weeks, supporting high volume fulfillment and expediting the development of complex system boards. The µPOL solution leverages advanced technology packaging techniques such as semiconductor embedded in substrate (SESUB), for cohesive 3D system integration in a smaller size and lower profile. This integration allows TDK to deliver higher power density and ease of use at a lower total system cost compared to what is currently available today. For example, TDK’s FS1406 6A power module can deliver 15W in a 3.3mm x 3.3mm x 1.5mm height power module, 4-times higher current density than that of the closest competitor, says Dialog.

The FS1406. FS1403, and FS1404 modules are available at all major distributors. Avnet, Arrow, Digi-Key, Future, Farnell, Mouser and TTI.

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Firms Collaborate on Tiny PoL DC-DC Converter

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