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Dual Ethernet Module Operates as Independent Ports or Switch

The NetBurner MOD54417 network core module provides 10/100 Ethernet connectivity with two Ethernet ports. The ports can operate independently, each with its own MAC address, or as an Ethernet switch, simplifying network infrastructure (i.e., daisy chaining) by enabling Ethernet devices to connect through it.

Source: NetBurner

Source: NetBurner

The module is industrial temperature rated (–40 to +85°C) and also provides: 8 UARTs, 4 I2C, 2 CAN, 3 SPI, 1-Wire, a MicroSD flash card socket, 42 digital I/O, eight 12-bit analog-to-digital inputs, two 12-bit digital-to-analog outputs, and five PWM outputs.  Wireless 802.11 b/g/n communication is available with the optional Wi-Fi add-on.

The NetBurner Network Development Kit (NNDK) provides a complete software and tools package including the Real-Time Operating System, full featured TCP/IP Stack, Web Server, DHCP Server, Eclipse development environment, C/C++ compiler and debugger.  The NNDK is focused on ease of use and you will have your first custom program running within a few hours of receiving the kit. The price of the MOD54417 ranges $94 to $129.

Source: NetBurner

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