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Controller Provides Wireless Solution for Trains

Advantech has released its latest addition to the ITA series of wireless rackmount controllers for railway applications: the ITA-5231W. With multiple wireless connectivity modules for seamless, uninterrupted Wi-Fi, and LTE network connectivity, the ITA-5231 is well suited for onboard infotainment systems and reliable train-to-ground data communication.

 In order to provide an uninterrupted wireless connectivity network to passengers while enabling real-time data connection with train control centers, ITA-5231W supports multiple WWAN/WLAN modules that allow for simultaneous multi-device transmission while balancing each individual module’s transmission loading.

 The system features, two mini-PCIe and four M.2 sockets for GPS/3G/LTE/Wi-Fi modules with 18 antenna ports (SMA, QMA, or N-Type). ITA-5231W supports up to 10 SIM slots (5 dual SIM slots) to ensure an effective network service redundancy solution for reliable data communication for long distance train travel.

Dual SIM card slots play a critical role in facilitating roaming between different telecom operators. When a carrier signal is unstable or disconnects, ITA-5231W can roam in search of a different carrier to ensure fluent data transmission. When trains enter a station, Wi-Fi transmits relevant data to the control center in order to reduce transmission costs. During operation, cellular transmission is performed via TCMS data to allow for remote monitoring.

Adhering to the strictest possible safety standards, ITA-5231W meets the EN 50155 and IEC 61373 standard for rolling stock applications. It is capable of operating under an extreme temperature range of -40°C to 70°C (class TX), and provides four optional power input (24/48/72/110 VDC) for different train needs. To enhance the train passenger experience, ITA- 5231W’s seamless network connectivity delivers a range of multimedia infotainment content that maximizes passenger experience.

Multiple wireless connectivity modules ensure an uninterrupted Wi-Fi and/or LTE connection, giving railway passengers the luxury of movies, music and e-books during train travel. ITA-5231W features an easy-swap 2.5″ SSD module for operational data storage and onboard infotainment content storage. Locker design ensures data security by only allowing specified personnel to access data.


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Controller Provides Wireless Solution for Trains

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