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Cloud-Based OTA Manager for IoT is Free For Up to Three Devices

By Eric Brown

UpSwift is offering a free lifetime subscription to makers and developers who want to manage up to three Linux-based devices with the UpSwift cloud-based IoT management and micro-updating platform.

Israeli startup UpSwift announced its cloud-based UpSwift IoT management and update service for Linux-based IoT and embedded devices in Jan. 2018 and over the last year has deployed it in “multiple companies.” The company is now announcing a new “Prototyping” offering that provides a free lifetime subscription for “maker/developers” who want to manage up to three Linux devices.

UpSwift is a lightweight, application layer micro-update OTA solution with automatic rollbacks, filesystem component updates, and an encryption-based in-transit update security feature. The system is optimized for constrained devices and communications pipelines by reducing data transfers and memory usage.

UpSwift management screen (left) and maps view
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Other features include device remote control using web ssh, map views for pinpointing deployments, application monitoring and diagnostics, and sending application logs. UpSwift enables the setting of update triggers as well as monitoring a JSON file to check whether a micro-update is in progress. You can also change parameters such as device communication cycle settings.

Device requirements include Linux systems running on ARM, x64, and x86 platforms equipped with the apt package manager and Systemd service manager. The menu-driven program also supports Bash commands.

Security is enhanced because no servers are used on the client side, says UpSwift. For additional security and privacy, only the device MAC is used in the service process. In addition, disk monitoring tests are used to “recognize any read or write changes of files in the file system to make sure there is no leakage of data from the device.”

Other commercial OTA update solutions for Linux gizmos include Mender. In addition, Ubuntu Core’s snap package management mechanism also provides transactional updates. There are a variety of open source smart update solutions, but without the cloud management functions offered by a service like UpSwift. For an overview, check out this summary of a presentation by Intel’s Patrick Ohly at the 2017 Embedded Linux Conference.

Further information

The free lifetime UpSwift subscriptions for makers and developers for up to three Linux devices are available now. No pricing was available for the standard monthly and yearly subscriptions. More information may be found at the UpSwift website.

This article originally appeared on on August 28.

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Cloud-Based OTA Manager for IoT is Free For Up to Three Devices

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