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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Module Featuring smartBASIC

Laird Technologies recently announced the BL620 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module, which is the newest edition to its BL600 series. Although it uses the BL600 hardware, the BL620 “has a new firmware load supporting Central mode connectivity,” Laird noted in its product release.”The BL620 makes it easy to add single-mode Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), or Bluetooth Smart, to small, portable, power-conscious devices, including those powered by AAA or coin cell batteries.”LairdBL620_140px

Key features:

  • Event-driven smartBASIC programming language, which significantly simplifies BLE integration.
  • Reduces the engineering burden and design risk of integrating Bluetooth and BLE to a device.
  • Fully approved programmable
  • Compact footprint, low-power

If you already have a BL600 development kit, you can download the BL620 firmware and test it. You can download the BL620 firmware file from the Laird Bluetooth Firmware Download Center.

Source: Laird Technologies

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Module Featuring smartBASIC

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