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Arm Cortex-M33-Based MCU Family Provides Performance Boost

NXP Semiconductors has announced the availability of its LPC552x/S2x microcontroller (MCU) family – further extending its performance efficient LPC5500 MCU series with the second of seven families planned for the series. The LPC552x/S2x MCU family offers significant advantages for developers, including pin-, software- and peripheral-compatibility to accelerate time to market, while leveraging 40-nm NVM process technology to deliver a cost- and power-efficient microcontroller platform.

The LPC552x/S2x is a mainstream family in LPC5500 series,
providing a perfect balance between security, performance efficiency and system
integration for general embedded and industrial IoT markets. It combines the
high-performance efficiency of the Cortex-M33 core with multiple high-speed
interfaces, an integrated power management IC, and rich analog integration.

Key features include:

  • Cortex-M33 up to 150 MHz, FPU and MPU
  • From 256 KB to 512 KB on-chip flash, and up to
    256 KB SRAM
  • Advanced security: PRINCE module for real-time
    encryption, CASPER for hardware acceleration, AES-256, SHA2 module, SRAM PUF
    (LPC55S2x only)
  • FlexComm, USB HS, USB FS
  • 16-bit ADC with 5 differential channel pairs (or
    10 singled-ended channels), ACMP, temperature sensor
  • 5 x 32b Timers, SCTimer/PWM, RTC, MRT, WWDT
  • Programmable Logic Unit
  • Power-saving modes
  • 1.8 V to 3.6 V
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +105°C
  • Available in HLQFP100, VFBGA98 and HTQFP64

The LPC552x/S2x MCU family is available now from NXP and its distribution partners with a suggested resale price starting at $1.63 (USD) for 10,000-unit quantities. NXP will accompany the silicon release with a LPC55S28-based evaluation kit at a suggested resale price of $39 (USD).

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Arm Cortex-M33-Based MCU Family Provides Performance Boost

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