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Altium’s Designer Rev 19.1 Features Stability and Performance Boosts

Altium’s latest release of its Altium Designer 19.1 provides a number of enhancements and further improvements to the product’s performance and stability, reducing the occurrence of errors and increasing productive design time and efficiency. Along with the new version, the company also released the Altium 365 Viewer, a free online tool that allows anyone to view Altium Designer projects on the web.
Many of Altium Designer’s new features Incorporate user feedback from the Altium BugCrunch forum. Altium Designer 19.1 builds on the stability enhancements in previous versions and reflects the company’s increasing investment of resources into addressing customer-submitted bugs and ideas, according to Altium. Altium continues to encourage users to submit feedback via the Altium BugCrunch forum.

Altium 365 Viewer is a new tool that makes viewing Altium Designer design files easier. Previously, viewing Altium Designer Projects required an Altium Designer License or a traditional read-only viewer license. Altium 365 Viewer offers a simpler way to visualize and share schematics, view printed circuit board designs in 2D and 3D, and monitor bill of materials within a browser through a simple drag-and-drop process, without requiring any software whatsoever. Once a design is loaded, the Altium 365 Viewer will automatically link the associated bill of materials to live supply chain information powered by Octopart.

Altium says it measures stability in two primary ways:

  • Total number of software related interruptions (errors and access violations).
  • Total length of productive user time and efficiency.

Significant effort has been made over the past few releases to vastly improve Altium Designer’s stability, reducing the occurrence of errors and increasing productive design time, in addition to overall user efficiency. For instance, by analytics measurement the Altium Designer 18 release statistically has 2.5X fewer interruptions than the Altium Designer 17.1 release. This trend continues to improve between Altium Designer 18 and 19.1 which delivers a further 2X improvement.

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