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AirMap Acquires Drone Automation Firm Hangar Technology

AirMap has announced that it has acquired Hangar Technology, a vendor of drone workflow automation platforms for enterprises. The acquisition is part of AirMap’s strategy of extending open, connected, and automated airspace management solutions to the entire drone economy and expands Hangar’s reach to new international markets and industry applications.

AirMap is an enabler of compliant drone operations at scale through automation, inserting digital technologies into traditional traffic management systems so that drone operators can integrate their operations safely and efficiently into low-altitude airspace. By acquiring Hangar, AirMap augments its offering for enterprises, who are faced with mounting complexities to ensure the safety, efficiency, and scalability of their advanced drone operations, says the company.
Hangar Technology automates drone workflows for enterprises. Its products include JobSight (shown above), a construction-focused application that automates orthomosaics, panoramas and other imaging, and TowerSight, a digital workflow application for automated tower inspections.

Using sophisticated autonomous flight and mission execution engine, Hangar software precision-scans every inch of an asset. The Hangar platform then automatically ingests, processes and analyzes drone data to create an accurate digital reconstruction and produce detailed component analysis.

AirMap will extend Hangar’s workflow automation, high-precision flight planning and image processing capabilities to its international ecosystem of developers and enterprises, who can expect enhancements to AirMap’s platform of APIs and SDKs in the coming months, says AirMap. Hangar Technology is now a subsidiary of AirMap and retains its headquarters and team in Austin, Texas.

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AirMap Acquires Drone Automation Firm Hangar Technology

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