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90A DC-DC Converters Boast High Power Density

ABB has announced its new, high power density 90A DecaDLynx II power supply. The DC-DC converter fits into a 327-mm2 footprint and achieves a 178-A/in² power density—one of the highest available today, says the company.  The new DJT090 DecaDLynx II power modules can accommodate input voltages ranging from 7.0 to 14.4VDC, with precisely regulated, programmable output voltages of 0.50V to 2V. The power supplies can be linked in parallel with up to eight units to achieve a maximum output current of 720A.

Additional features of the DecaDLynx II non-isolated, high-density voltage regulators include:

  • Advance digital controls and monitoring to create “black box” fault detection for advanced diagnostics.
  • 88.5% high-efficiency power conversion from 12V input to 1.2V output.
  • Provide full rated power of 90A at typical operating conditions (12V input, 0.8V output, 200 linear-feet-per-minute airflow, and 75 degrees C ambient temperature).
  • Improved time to market, field reliability and seamless design integration with full testing and built-in IPC9592-qualified modules
  • Low transient and ripple attributes to meet load input voltage requirements.

ABB’s DecaDLynx II power modules are designed to meet the rigorous power density and efficiency requirements of demanding applications such as high-speed switches and routers, artificial intelligence processors, tight voltage rails for high-performance processors and in application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), high-current FPGA processors, Arm processors, test and measurement devices and data storage equipment.

Power engineers also can leverage ABB’s Power Module Wizard and Digital Power Insights tools to configure the modules to their specific needs.


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90A DC-DC Converters Boast High Power Density

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