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600W Fanless AC-DC Supplies Target Medical

XP Power has released a new series of convection cooled,
600W AC-DC power supplies. The ultra-compact power supplies deliver full load
power under a wide range of conditions without additional cooling. The UCH600
series is well suited for use where no forced air is available, or fan noise or
the ingress of dirt is undesirable. This includes medical devices, as well as
those requiring BF patient protection, that need to operate silently, also ITE
or industrial electronics applications in environments where dirt ingress would
be exacerbated by forced air cooling or where audible noise and fan reliability
issues mean forced air cooling is impractical.

The power supplies meet EN55011/32 Class B for both
conducted and radiated emissions with significant margin, making them a low
risk for integration and system approvals for the end-use equipment. Class C
harmonics compliance makes the ensure the UCH600 suited for lighting and
display applications.

The high levels of efficiency (up to 95%) minimize waste
heat and ensure that power supplies in the UCH600 series can deliver their full
rated power (600W) at ambient temperatures up to +50ºC, even at low line input.
At 70ºC, a full 300W of power is available without any form of forced air
cooling being required. For equipment designs where some forced air cooling is
employed, a 12V/0.6A auxiliary fan supply is available.

The UCH600 series carries worldwide safety approvals for
ITE/industrial and healthcare applications including IEC60950-1, IEC/EN/UL62368-1
and IEC/EN60601-1 3rd Edition.

The compact and low-profile power supply measures just
8.0” x 5.0” x 1.57”, giving an impressive power density of 9.5W/in3.
Its U-channel construction and low profile allow for easy and flexible
installation into a wide range of applications. The UCH600 series is available
from Allied Electronics, Digi-Key, element14, Farnell, Mouser, Newark, RS
Components, approved regional distributors, or direct from XP Power and offer a
3-year warranty.

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600W Fanless AC-DC Supplies Target Medical

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