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3 W AC-DC Supply Offers 1.1” x 0.9” Form Factor

RECOM has introduced the RAC03-K which it claims is the smallest 3 W AC-DC power supply solution on the market. This converter can be used in a wide range of applications due to complete certifications for ITE and household standards. In a compact 1in² footprint, these modules deliver an output power of 3 W from -40°C to 60°C and 2 W up to 80°C. Despite such a high power density and small footprint, the RAC03-K series is a complete solution supporting Ecodesign Lot 6 standby mode operation for worldwide applications in automation, Industry 4.0, IoT, household and home automation.

With an input voltage range from 85 to 264 VAC and international safety certifications for industrial, domestic, ITE, and household applications, RECOM claims these are some of the most versatile power modules on the market. Due to their reinforced class II installation rating and their significantly wide margin to class B emissions compliance without external components, these are the easiest to use modular power solutions in the industry. Samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized distributors or directly from RECOM.



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