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2W and 3W DC-DC Converters Feature 20kVDC Isolation

RECOM has announced the launch of its RHV2 and RHV3 series of certified, ultra-high isolation DC/DC converters with single and dual outputs rated at 2W or 3W in a compact SIP16 package. RECOM has extended its range of unregulated DC/DC converters with the RHV2 and RHV3 series which feature ultra-high isolation ratings of 12.5kVAC/one minute or 20kVDC/one second in a compact SIP16 package, that measures just 45 x 15 x 17mm. With more than 30mm input-to-output pin separation, the converters are certified to IEC/EN 62368 and IEC/EN 61010 for 12.5kVAC reinforced isolation up to 5,000m altitude.

The RHV2 provides 2W up to 85°C and the RHV3 up to 3W at 80°C without load derating. Both series have nominal 5, 12 or 24V inputs and a choice of 5, 12, 24 single or +/-5 or +/-12V dual outputs. Efficiency is up to 81.5%, isolation capacitance is very low at 4pF typical and the parts comply with EN 55032 (class B) EMI limits with a simple external LC input filter. Reliability is very high with MTBF at 14.6M hours for the RHV2 series at 25°C (13.4M hours for RHV3).

RECOM sees the RHV2 and RHV3 series as a perfect fit for very high voltage isolation applications such as high vacuum monitoring, X-ray equipment and HVAC dust extraction systems where low cost and reliable performance are key. Samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized distributors or directly from RECOM.


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2W and 3W DC-DC Converters Feature 20kVDC Isolation

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